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Process gas burner specialist, Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd., is announcing a major agreement with a new distributor in Turkey.  The link with YETEN Combustion and Energy Technologies Ltd., based in Istanbul, will create opportunities for both organisations to add each other’s burner equipment to its range – with each enhancing its services to its customer base.  

“YETEN is very well established in the field of high temperature burners which are used extensively in areas such as metal processing,” says Adrian Cadman, Lanemark’s Sales Manager.  “Now, by being able to make selected burners from their range available to our own market, we will be able to develop our involvement in areas such as steel and aluminium manufacturing.”

With an ongoing focus on research, development and design – including use of state of the art Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics – and on providing eco-friendly-solutions, YETEN’s reputation reflects the philosophy that has underpinned Lanemark’s own worldwide success for some four decades.

“The organisation also offers extensive test facilities which, again, mirrors our own growing capability in this area,” adds Adrian Cadman.

The agreement with YETEN is also set to strengthen Lanemark’s own burner sales in the new distributor’s markets.  The company’s (FD) forced-draught oven burners, (TX) tank heating burners and its (DB) duct burners – each used extensively in processing and manufacturing operations from aluminium anodising to food processing – will, in turn, all enhance YETEN’s own market strength.

“We are committed to building on the close relationships that we have with distributors around the world and we are, therefore, delighted to be able to add YETEN to this list,” concludes Jeff Foster, Sales Director at Lanemark.  “The area within which both companies have developed globally leading reputations is highly specialist so we are confident that the link between us will offer major gains to our respective customers.”

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